Forested Wetlands and Silvicultural Practices Workshop

DNR/WETSAG/CMER hosted workshop:

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AcrobatForrest Wetlands Literature Survey

  Richard Bigley Introductions, opening comments, CMER summary, project limits, setting workshop ground rules
  Sarah Cooke General trends from literature synthesis
Forested Wetland Talk at the SER Meeting
  Bob Beschta Effects of forest practices on coastal wetland/riparian systems (This is a very large zip file of his slide presentation)
  Rhett Jackson Forest hydrology characterization and effects of logging on forest hydrology
  Lisa Palazzi Forest soils: Effects of logging practices (This is a very large zip file of her slide presentation)
  Bob Vadas Fish use of forested wetlands (Floodplain Habitats) in the Pacific Northwest
  Mark Hayes Amphibians in forested wetlands in Washington State
  Richard Bigley Forest practices mandate, introduce breakout sessions